✰✰.....About us.....✰✰

We are located in Montreal, Canada


Our brand was officially born in 2019. The brand has been working in partnership with Shop Biohazard for the past two years. Nymfae is now an independent fashion brand run by a single fairy who loves to create & design unique pieces and take pictures. 
The brand is committed to let you express your true authentic self by offering unique and limited pieces that fits you perfectly. Plus, you can be cute & sexy but you must be comfortable ! Fabrics are chosen according to comfort & textures. Most of the clothing pieces & jewelries are handmade by Janis.   
Nymfae create it's own universe, full of lost fairies, pirates & witches.

« Je soutiens l’idée qu’il y a de la beauté dans tout ce qui brille et s'illumine. L’humain ne doit que s’arrêter, prendre un moment et contempler ce qu’il croit connaitre, puis le voir sous un autre angle. Notre univers déborde de richesses, de textures et de couleurs, il suffit de donner l’éclat et l’attention à chacun des biens et des êtres qui nous entourent. » - Janis

*Our logo is made by the amazing @__oraculo__